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Scope and Sequence

(skōp) n.                                                                                               (sē’kwəns, -kwĕns’) n
1) The area covered by a given activity or subject.           1) A following of one thing after another; succession


No fluff, intellectually engaging messages that treat you like a smart adult — and in 20 minutes or less.

For most of us, we come to college to get a degree to equip for a job in the real world once we graduate. Yet, why don’t we approach our faith in a similar way?

The Journey wants to provide you with a holistic understanding and practice of Christianity that equips you for life in the real world after you graduate.  Whether you’ve been in church since before you can remember or are just beginning to ask big spiritual questions, we’ve designed a three-year scope and sequence intended to delve into the “basics”—though you’d be surprised how deep the basics can go.  In addition, a fourth capstone year where you would repeat similar material of three years ago is intended for you to lead and walk with freshman students in the very same topics and questions you had at that age.

We have Q&A and discussion after every message where students can text in questions anonymously.

Each semester is good enough to be a standalone theme, so don’t feel like you need to commit to three years or can’t show up in the middle of year two, semester one, week seven.  You’ll still fit in fine.  However, if you do stick around with us for four years (or how many it takes you to graduate), expect to feel like you came away with a second degree, only obscenely cheaper and potentially more useful.


Fall 2017


Aug 23
Opening Night! An invite to journey together.

Aug 30
John the Baptist (1:1–8)
Baptism of Jesus (1:9–11)
Temptation of Jesus (1:12–13)
Good News (1:15)
First disciples (1:16–20)

Sep 6
Capernaum’s synagogue (1:21–28)
Peter’s mother-in-law (1:29–31)
Exorcising at sunset (1:32–34)
A leper (1:35–45)

Sep 13
A paralytic (2:1–2:12)
Calling of Matthew (2:13–17)

Sep 20
Questions about the Sabbath (2:18 – 28)
Jesus Heals on the Sabbath(3:3 – 6)

Sep 27
Withdrawing to the sea (3:7–3:12)
Commissioning the Twelve (3:13–19)
Blind mute (3:20–26)
Strong man (3:27)
Unforgivable sin (3:28–30)
Jesus’ true relatives (3:31–35)

Oct 4
Parable of the Sower (4:1–9,13-20)
Purpose of parables (4:10–12,33-34)
Lamp under a bushel (4:21–23)
Mote and Beam (4:24–25)
Growing seed and Mustard seed (4:26–32)

Oct 11
Calming the storm (4:35–41)
Demon named Legion (5:1–20)

Oct 18
Daughter of Jairus (5:21–43)


Nov 1
Hometown rejection (6:1–6)
Instructions for the Twelve (6:7–13)
Beheading of John (6:14–29)

Nov 8
Feeding the 5000 (6:30–44)
Walking on water (6:45–52)

Nov 15
Fringe of his cloak heals (6:53–56)
Discourse on Defilement (7:1–23)
Canaanite woman’s daughter (7:24–30)

Nov 29
Deaf mute (7:31–37)
Feeding the 4000 (8:1–9)
No sign will be given (8:10–21)Spring 2019

Spring 2019

The Gospel of Mark: Part II

Fall 2019

Apologetics and Really Hard Questions

Spring 2020

Christianity, Politics, and Culture

Fall 2021

Healthy Christian Community

Spring 2021

The Basics of Christian Belief