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u·nique’ness n
1) Being the only one of its kind
2) Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled.

Basketball with our neighbors at Mall Park on the “east side” of Charleston

So there’s quite a few campus ministries for you to get involved with, and most of them are pretty good. So why hang with us?  Well, there are five big things that make us distinct from the other groups you’ll find. They don’t necessarily make us better or worse, they’re just what makes Journey unique.

1) Mature, thoughtful worship gatherings that combine the ancient and the new, the traditional and the innovative.

2) Always including Q&A and discussion after messages to encourage authentic spiritual exploration and life application.

3) A diverse and deep women’s mentoring program (and now also a new “man”toring option!). A get spiritual “big sis” just like the sororities to help you navigate college life.

Chilling with the truly super seniors at the Presbyterian retirement home in Summerville.

4) Missional service projects and social events that find out what non-Christian (and Christian) groups are doing in the community—and then asking how we can serve, support, and celebrate with them.

5) A three year scope and sequence of learning themes that establishes in students an understanding  of biblical community, basic Christian beliefs, the linear study of entire gospel account, apologetics, and worldview training—followed by a potential fourth year of seniors mentoring freshmen in the very themes they studied their first year in college.



We have communion at our large group gatherings once a month led by a local Presbyterian minister.

We have communion at our large group gatherings once a month led by a local Presbyterian minister.

Our Partner Churches

These churches send their pastors, mentors, food, money, hugs, warm-fuzzies, free cars, etc. We love them very much. Go to them.

First (Scots) Presbyterian Church
Second Presbyterian Church
James Island Presbyterian Church
Peace Presbyterian Church

Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church of Moncks Corner
Johns Island Presbyterian Church
New Wappetaw Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Summerville Presbyterian Church
Palmetto Presbyterian Church
Sunrise Presbyterian Church
Yeamans Park Presbyterian Church
Zion-Olivet Presbyterian Church
Wallingford Presbyterian Church