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When and Where

We’re Stern 205 (second floor).

(hwĕn, wĕn) n.            (hwâr, wâr) n.
1) The time or date 1) The place or occasion

Large Group @ College of Charleston
When: Every Thursday, 7:00 – 8:15ish pm
Where: Stern Center 205 at George St. and Glebe St.                   Format: Worship band, message, Q&A, and discussion






On the Citadel campus with free parking next door for our College of Charleston students.

On the Citadel campus with parking next door for our CofC students and guests.

Large Group @ the Citadel

When: Every Monday, 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Where: 230 Mark Clark Hall, Greater Issues Room
Format: Home-cooked dinner, acoustic worship, message and discussion







We like food…a lot.

Small groups

If worship nights are our time for “large group” and coming together of our community, small groups provide the space for study, discussion, and mutual support. All College of Charleston student leaders are required to be participating in a small group as part leadership team responsibilities.  Obviously, we think they’re pretty important.

Fall 2018 Semester Schedule 

Gospel of Mark Study, Tuesdays at 5 pm with Colin Kerr, @ Stern 3rd floor common area. This small group is the companion to our sermon series on the Gospel of Mark. Led by Journey’s director, it will help you to step into the first century world of the oldest story about the life of Jesus. It will also probably blow your mind at some point.

How to Read the Bible, Wednesdays at 6 pm, with Morgan Byars, @ Stern 3rd floor common area. Ever tried to read the Bible on your own only to feel completely confused? Led by our resident theologian, this small group will help you discover the basics in understanding Scripture and how to interpret it.

Dating and Relationships (Ladies Only), Fridays at 5 pm, with Elena Layton, @ Stern 3rd floor common area. Led by our women’s counselor, this small group designed to be safe place to talk about dating, sex, and relationships — and how the Christian faith can help us have healthier relationships and make better decisions.