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Our Vision

​Journey is a worshiping community for college students that offers Presbyterians, non-Presbyterians, the spiritually curious, skeptics, and even Red Sox fans to grow spiritually while at college. We are open-minded, passionate, and committed to advancing the Gospel and glorifying God in our daily lives. Supported by a network of partner churches, a strong student leadership team creates regular opportunities to experience authentic Biblical community and participation in the Missio Dei (“Mission of God”).

Our vision can be simply explained as:

  • Ask Questions — about God, faith, and purpose.

  • Explore Answers — in a safe, open-minded community.

  • Live Life Well — changed by God to change the world.

We believe a community of faith can genuinely be that simple.

Our Mission

Journey exists to meet college students where they are to begin conversations around faith, purpose, and the meaning of life.


Our Vision

Ask Questions about God, Faith, and Purpose

Seek Answers in a safe, open-minded community

Live Life Well changed by God to change the world

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